NanoChat at The Palace

Gina Miller (
Sun, 21 Nov 1999 22:26:24 -0800

I have been given permission to use a palace for nanotech discussions. (until I create my own nanotech palace-which I am planning to) This palace is open at all hours. If you do not have palace or are not aware of it, it is a 3D virtual chatroom with visual backgrounds and rooms you can move about in wearing avatars (lil pictures). You can download this program for free at:
After it is downloaded, you want to go to the palace called "Genetically Enhanced Palace"
Site ID KEMSZBW6 If you can't find it, you can try to locate it at the palace website, by looking under G for genetically...... and then clicking the little red P to the right of the palace name. If you don't want to download the palace, you can go in from the palace website, and instead of clicking the little red P you would click the blue eye beside it. This of course does not give you all the cool tools that you can have if you install the palace. (I recommend) If you need help with any of this you can email me at and I will help you, I can also help you kick off your start in the palace if you meet me at the Genetically Enhanced Palace. I won't always be there, but I will stop in at least daily. I am not the wiz of this palace, so I do not control the settings in there. I am trying to get a room inside of this palace called "nanotech" ---or something along that lines. When I get the nanotech palace I will let you know, but until then--- Remember if you want to talk nano in a cool environment go to "The Genetically Enhanced Palace!"

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