To Spike Re: "A new extropian greeting..."

Robert Owen (
Sun, 21 Nov 1999 18:46:31 -0500

Spike Jones wrote:

> The poem: it is about a bird in the meadow, who does not realize
> the end of her days is at hand, so she merrily goes about her
> business, singing and flying about, whereas the man who watches
> from a distance is burdened with the grief of knowing of his own
> mortality. It is a powerful piece. spike

I don't recall the poem and I've employed a very good search engine associated with an English Poetry Archive using a Boolean search mode for combinations of keywords suggested above. For example bird AND meadow AND mortality, or bird AND flying AND grief, or meadow AND mortality AND singing, and so on. Nearly always the list of poets and poems displayed includes Wordsworth, but NEVER Blake. [You don't need to include the operator -- just select "AND" in the checkbox array.]

I recommend you go to this site and use the search facility; it could well be that this experiment would trigger further associations and recollections, or just stimulate your intuitive faculty so you would find your poem without knowing exactly how you did it.

My research was very enjoyable, but the conviction grew on me that some piece of the puzzle was missing; that I would never find the right combination but that you might by means of a new keyword.


Good luck,


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