Re: A new extropian greeting from the distinguished J.R. Molloy...

J. R. Molloy (
Sat, 20 Nov 1999 18:08:08 -0800

John Grigg wrote,
>"May you live in eternity's sunrise," I like it! This should become an
>extropian greeting on par with the Vulcan saying, "live long and prosper."
>Is this your own creation J.R. or if not what is your source?

Thank you for your enthusiasm.
I wish I could say I created this saying. The line comes from "Eternity" by William Blake:

"Who seeks to bind herself a joy,
Does its winged life destroy.
Who touches beauty as he flies,
Lives in eternity's sunrise."

Combining this with a line from Rabindranath Togore, renders: "May you live in eternity's sunrise,
on the seashore of endless worlds."

These two lines seem to me to convey even more of limitlessness and timelessness than the words literally mean.
To avoid charges of plagiarism, I suppose I'd better cite Blake and Tagore when dropping their words into a bowdlerized complimentary closing.

"I steal everything I know from the sources all around me." --Alligator Grundy (Crocodile Dundee's second cousin, twice removed.)

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"To the extent that we resort to the use of words, we no longer accurately refer to reality." Source: J. R. Molloy

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                ,gdP""'     .d88888888888888888g,
              ,dP"        ,d888888888888888888888b,
            ,dP"         ,8888888888888888888888888b,
           ,8"          ,8888888P"""88888888888888888,
          ,8'           I888888I    )88888888888888888,
         ,8'            `8888888booo8888888888888888888,
         d'              `88888888888888888888888888888b
         8                `"8888888888888888888888888888
         8                  `"88888888888888888888888888
         8                      `"8888888888888888888888
         Y,                        `8888888888888888888P
         `8,                         `88888888888888888'
          `8,              .oo.       `888888888888888'
           `8a             8888        88888888888888'
            `Yba           `""'       ,888888888888P'
              "Yba                   ,88888888888'
                `"Yba,             ,8888888888P"'
                   `"Y8baa,      ,d88888888P"'