Re: the evangelical mass media debating transhumanism...

Natasha Vita-More (
Sat, 20 Nov 1999 14:32:57 -0800

At 04:04 PM 11/17/99 PST, John Grigg wrote:

>At 11:52 AM -0800 11/16/1999, J. R. Molloy wrote:
>>Happily, it seems religious fanatics spend too much time quarreling >among
>>themselves to take up a quarrel with extropy.
>You'll find them hard at work on the sci.skeptic, sci.astro, and
>alt.atheist newsgroups. Not much energy left for us.
>(end of reproduction)
>It is only a matter of time before transhumanism and extropianism is taken
>up as a target for evangelical criticism, mark my words. In time there will
>be at least several evangelical websites that will have articles denouncing

I agree with you John that this could come about. Religious organizations already do quarrel with extropian ideas on biotechnology, genetic engineering and evolution theory.

If the mass media were to pick out a group of thinkers to go head-to-head with, it seems that the media would be most interested in a group that draws cultural attention.

>Ironically, this entire effort of theirs will lead to far greater exposure
>of extropianism. It could even backfire (snip)

This is what usually happens.