Re: Ban on Human Cloning
Sat, 20 Nov 1999 14:37:36 EST

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> I once heard a British bio-ethicist and scientist say that as long as organs
> did not appear to take on 'full' human form, such as a full human head,
> Most people would find this acceptable. How far away is this technology? I
> will err on the side of caution, and say its more likely to be a
> technology of the 22nd century; rather then the 21st.

Spud, old boy, I'll bet you a gallon of fine single malt that human organs such as hearts and lungs will be grown from stem cells by no later than 2030. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if it were done by 2015 and I'd say there's at least some chance it'll be done by 2010. Of course, if it's not done by 2030, you may have to wait till they yank me out of the dewar to collect.

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