Re: No Singularity?
Sat, 20 Nov 1999 14:16:36 EST

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> Capital and raw materials are not infinite, and are

> thus -always- in a position of relative scarcity.
> There are millions and millions of possible ways of
> allocating them (including leaving raw materials
> unexploited for future use.)
> Due to this relative scarcity raw materials and
> capital have a value. This value is
> determined/discovered in the market place by balancing
> various supply and demand curves.
> Some useful economics terms:
> opportunity cost
> supply and demand
> scarcity
> markets
Lets take Ben Wattenberg's's view on this for a moment. Better to say that the marrige of (Capital + Technology) X Time = Scarcity of Resources. If a technology is potent enough, it can alter the what the scarcity is. A example would be the development of pull-tabs for soft drinks and beer in the 1960's reduced the availability (need) for old-fashioned 'beak' can openers.

As for a singularity altering the human condition, right now it seems that climate change will be our singularity; rather then nano, or bio leading the charge. Climate has always fiddled with what us pre-Extropian & pre-Transhumans have behaved.