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Sat, 20 Nov 1999 01:32:14 -0500 wrote:
> John Thomas, <>, writes:
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> > Apologies if someone's already called attention to this, but the
> > Disinformation web site is featuring the work of Hans Moravec at
> > with a number of
> > interesting links and interviews.
> One funny note: Moravec now predicts, "Machines will attain human
> levels of intelligence by the year 2040." In his earlier book Mind
> Children, published in 1988, he predicted that computing power capable of
> human-level AI "would be available in a $10 million supercomputer before
> 2010 and in a $1,000 personal computer by 2030." So in the approximately
> ten years since that book he has pushed out the achievement of AI by
> ten to thirty years. This is not a very encouraging rate of progress...

I just have to point out that "machines will attain human level intelligence" != "computing power CAPABLE of human-level AI"

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