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November 15, 1999 Web posted at: 7:05 AM EST (1205 GMT)

DUBLIN, Ireland (Reuters) -- The key to staying young is all in the mind and simple tastes according to Ireland's oldest granny.

"I feel just the same as I did when when I was 20," said Bridget
Dirrane from Galway in west Ireland just after her 105th birthday on Sunday.

"Natural, simple foods, lots of greens, fish fresh from the sea and
lots of plain water are the secret," she said of her longevity.

Born on the windswept Aran Islands of Ireland's west coast in 1894, Dirrane has witnessed some of the key events in Ireland's history -- and America's.

She was in her 20s when she mixed with leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising revolt against British rule that later led to the country's partition, and was jailed during the War of Independence.

After emigrating to the United States in 1927, she later canvassed for former president John F. Kennedy's presidential campaign.

She returned to Ireland in 1966.

IMPORTANT CAVEAT FOR RESEARCH WORKERS: this anecdotal report fails to mention the role that hidden variables play in the described phenomenon, such as "windswept" nativity and the lack of a suitable description for the needed "plain" water -- distilled or rain-water, water without sorbic acid to retard spoilage, etc? You might want to contact

regarding experimental design.

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