Re: *ThiGMOO* & Marxist extropian revolution

Damien Broderick (
Sat, 20 Nov 1999 11:09:57 -0800

At 04:38 PM 19/11/99 +0100, Anders wrote about:

>Ken Macleod's _The Star Fraction_, which I recently
>read together with the sequel _The Stone Canal_ (now trying to borrow
>the final novel from a friend).

MacLeod's sf is wonderful, detailed, almost without precedent in this US-politics-biased genre, and funny as well.

The direct sequel to THE STONE CANAL is his immensely exciting THE CASSINI DIVISION, where Borgish posthumans are taken on by libertarian communists following a flawed Singularity that morphs Jupiter. That's *not* the final novel, though: THE SKY ROAD shifts back to follow some of the characters of previous novels into a subtly *alternative* history.

Damien Broderick