Re: Now this is the way to fly!

Philip Witham (
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 19:50:19 -0800

Chuck wrote:
>The November NASA Tech Briefs (page 16) had a blurb on another personal
>VTOL craft - a twin ducted prop 'exoskeleton' with embedded intelligence
>that could refuse to operate except for autorized users. The company is
>Millennium Jet of Santa Clara, California. Sounds a bit too overly complex
>in the processor department for my liking, and it can't autorotate as the
>coaxial machine could. Definitely a case for a parachute...
They have a Web site. It's a bogus mash of bad ideas and lies. Ignore them, they'll go away.

Doug Jones wrote:
>If the collective blade pitch cannot be lowered to a negative value, the
>rotors will *not* autorotate at all, but will simply slow down until they
>stall. At this point you're flying a rock and a chute is the only way to
>avoid being street pizza.
Right. In the case of the Japanese machine, there are four 10HP engines, so perhaps after 50,000 fleet-hours of flying time, they might be safe.