Re: No Singularity?

Lyle Burkhead (
Tue, 16 Nov 1999 12:48:14 -0800

Hal Finney wrote,

> You can get to Geniebusters via Crit directly via
> I agree that this is a useful way to access the site,
> although I suspect that the author is unaware of these
> and hence not in a position to respond.

To which Damien Broderick replied,

> On the contrary - Lyle has already posted meta-commentary there.

In the summer of 1998, when I started putting my nanotech notes together into a web site, I discussed the project with Chris Peterson. She said it would be a perfect occasion to use CritSuite. (That was before she knew what I was going to say.) I agreed. I *wanted* people to use CritSuite. If you look on the Table of Contents page of Geniebusters, you will find links to CritSuite. However, when I saw the level of the discussion, I quickly lost interest. I haven't looked at the CritSuite comments for several months. Maybe some of the newer comments are better. I doubt it.

In one of the letters that he sends to Senior Associates, Eric Drexler mentioned that Will Ware and J Storrs Hall had used CritSuite to comment on Geniebusters -- as if they had said all that needed to be said. As far as I know, that has been Eric's only response to Geniebusters. (I can't quote him exactly, since I don't have the letter handy -- it's in a store room.)

Incidentally, Extropians might find something else of interest on the Table of Contents page. Look at the bottom of the page.