Now this is the way to fly!

Philip Witham (
Wed, 17 Nov 1999 18:56:11 -0800

Here's a REAL flying contraption:

Real in the sense that it is actually flying, and also, seriously cool! It's a Japanese coaxial helicopter with four small engines. Ultimately simple controls, an it might even go on sale soon. This is the way to beat the traffic on Hwy. 237 (on the way to your Space Command job in the Blue Cube at Lockheed) 8^}

Specs: 155 Lbs empty, 40Hp, 13.1' rotor diameter, 185LB pilot max, 485 Lb Gross.

I'll also mention the coaxial helicopter kit I mentioned some weeks ago, another proper flying contraption for the intrepid aeronaut: