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At 11:52 AM -0800 11/16/1999, J. R. Molloy wrote:

>Happily, it seems religious fanatics spend too much time quarreling >among
>themselves to take up a quarrel with extropy.

You'll find them hard at work on the sci.skeptic, sci.astro, and alt.atheist newsgroups. Not much energy left for us. (end of reproduction)

It is only a matter of time before transhumanism and extropianism is taken up as a target for evangelical criticism, mark my words. In time there will be at least several evangelical websites that will have articles denouncing transhumanism.

I am a Mormon and I can tell you a huge amount of energy goes toward debating my church. Of course with the strong Mormon missionary effort this is seen as a means of dealing with it. Video programs and books are also regularly cranked out in this effort. This is done out of a desire in their eyes to do what is right I believe but also a great deal of money is generated doing this.

Evangelicals like to find new pastures to criticize and so it is just a matter of time till extropianism is targeted. Expect to be discussed on the Bob Larson show, the LaLonde Brothers tv program, the John Ankerberg tv program, Jeremiah films as well as by others. These programs will be broadcast nation and even world-wide on a regular basis. And in time, Hal Lindsey, the LaLonde brothers, Dave Hunt and others will be writing books about extropianism and transhumanism that will sell many copies, believe me.

The Extropian Institute will probably be focused on since in is a formal organization with some interesting individuals in it. I am sure these shows and books will single out Max and Natasha. Down the road I expect extropian leaders being invited to debates on these evangelical programs which will later be broadcast nationally and also sold to the viewership.

I believe the motives of these evangelicals in the mass media to be largely sincere actually. They feel compelled to bring to the notice of the membership anything against their paradigm so they can refute it. A comparison will be made of extropianism against evangelical interpretations of the Bible to show where transhumanism differs and thereby is clearly wrong and so wicked in their view.

Ironically, this entire effort of theirs will lead to far greater exposure of extropianism. It could even backfire in that some adults and expecially teens may find themselves attracted to transhumanism. But on the whole it will have a uniting effect on the flock which is a major desired effect of such endeavors.

It is just a matter of time for these events to happen. It should be very interesting to watch them play out.


John Grigg

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