Re: Pocket Black Holes

Anders Sandberg (
17 Nov 1999 15:15:19 +0100 writes:

> Potential Consequences, Opportunities?

I checked his paper at and honestly, I think it is bullshit. I do not understand his proposed unified theory (it seems to be a geometric form of electromagnetism), but the "black hole" he proposes (which is indeed half a meter in diameter and only works for electrons) seems utterly silly - if you charge up a one ton sphere to 10^5 V (which is done all the time with van der Graaf generators) it would become a black hole that would suck up electrons from the vicinity. This is not observed, and if he is right small charged objects like ions also ought to become black holes.

Also, I seriously mistrust articles that refer only to the author's previous articles, a standard textbook and one classic paper.

Consequences: maybe this can manage yet another science scare, but it is also an opprtunity to demonstrate some critical thinking to people and point out exactly why few physicists will likely take Özer seriously. It is simply not very good science.

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