Re: Putting the human back in transhuman
Tue, 16 Nov 1999 19:13:33 EST

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<< Dear Glen,

You are very close to a major personal breakthrough. Now push that line where
you stop and everything else begins. Be everything, cherish everything. Let the
human/transhuman distinction become a difference that does not make a difference.

Dogen wrote:

     To what shall
     I liken the world?
     Moonlight, reflected
     In dewdrops,
     Shaken from a crane's bill.


Thanks for your response. Indeed I believe the differences between human/transhuman should blend together. Life as continuum. And believe me, I cherish it all.

Perhaps I'm closer than you know, I just come to it from a different perspective than most I've met. Every so often I have felt my sense of identity expand both temporally and spacially, encompassing at first my family, my community, my past and future selves, my ancestors and descendants, stretching further yet to encompass the earth, the galaxy, even the universe. Unlike, say for example buddhists, I never lose my sense of self, but it is grows to such a degree as to result in much the same thing.

Those are when I am feeling the connections in all things, but there are differences as well. The whole has parts, and my consciousness is mostly confined to a small part. One and many, I embrace both sides of the coin, for both views have their uses. But before all else, I AM.

Glen Finney