Re: Sasha's Web Page

Anders Sandberg (
16 Nov 1999 15:46:30 +0100

Spike Jones <> writes:

> J. R. Molloy wrote:
> > Okay, this looks like a job for a Luciferian.
> > Anti-luciferians nuked the luciferian domain, so they should strike back with
> > devilish diligence.
> It amazes me the anti-devil people would fool around
> with anything on extropians. Messing with the servers
> of some of these web savvy yahoos would be like
> tickling the tail of the hungry dragon. {8-] spike

Which is of course what they think they are doing - if you believed that Satan and his minions were running websites, then crashing them would really be playing with the devil. :-)

Seriously, it is interesting to note that so far we have (to my knowledge) been attacked by religious fanatics. This might be a good sign or a bad sign, depending on your view.

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