I confess!!

john grigg (starman125@hotmail.com)
Mon, 15 Nov 1999 19:25:30 PST

I admit it!! I went to see "Pokemon" all by myself!! I fought off hordes of seven year-olds to get a good seat! I cheered louder then anyone else in the theater at the end!!

I own every single Pokemon trading card and toy! And the neighbor kids are onto me so I had to get new locks for my door! I play the home video game all night long and into the day!

But I've been attending the local twelve step Pokemon addiction support group to try to deal with my addiction. I do some of my best card trading there!

These could be lyrics for a Wierd Al Yankovic song. I hope he does a song parodying these latest fad.

best regards,

John Grigg

P.S. Yet unborn transhuman children are going to make Mewtwo their generations' teddy bear, you'll see.

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