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john grigg (
Mon, 15 Nov 1999 11:15:58 PST

Hello everyone,

I went to see "Pokemon, the first movie" with a date and her bestfriend's five year-old and found to my surprise that I enjoyed it. The film would make for good conversation between youngsters and their extropian parents considering some of the story concepts.

It starts out with a genetically engineered super pokemon awakening in a secret island lab. It feels emotional turmoil at wanting to know it's purpose for living and lashes out by destroying the lab when it realizes it is meant to serve humans. The story switches between "cute sequences" and a darker tone that is seen in more mature anime.

The film explored on a surprisingly deep level for what it was the possible effect of a superior genetically engineered being coming of age in our world. After some major clashes this being has a moral awakening and has a change of heart.

Ash, the hero of the story, displays dynamic optimism in his approach to dealing with things. He refuses to give up in stopping the protagonist no matter what the odds. And he treats his pokemon with respect and love.

Of course I would have never seen the film if not that my date and her little friend wanted to see it. You all believe me don't you? :)


John Grigg

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