Re: A Physicist Experiments With Cultural Studies

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> From: Christopher Maloney <>
> >I just finished "Fashionable Nonsense", by Sokal and Jean Bricmont.
> >I highly recommend it. Besides just giving some good yucks at the
> >expense of postmodernists, it has some excellent philosophical
> >discussions.
> Thank you for the tip, Christopher. I've passed this on to other lists.
> Cheers,
So you won'y throw out the useful baby with the bullshit bathwater, I suggest reading COMPLEXITY AND POSTMODERNISM by Paul Cilliers, where he maintains that postmodern techniques, which allow us to more coherently linguistically grasp and represent systems comprised of a multiplicity of differentially weighted distinguishable but inseparable factors interrelating in dynamically recursive ways, lend themselves naturally to the task of verbally describing/explaining complex systems.
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