Re: Grossly Off-Topic: help needed with Eudora mailer
Sat, 13 Nov 1999 00:21:58 -0500

On Sat, 13 Nov 1999 14:04:04 -0800 Damien Broderick <> writes:
> Sorry for this, people, one of those `Anyone been raped and speak
> English?'
> questions.
> I've just changed machine and [win98] OS, bringing myself at last
> into the
> late 20th century. Eudora has suddenly grown new muscles. I find
> that my
> clumsy spelling mistakes tend to do Horrid Things to my mail. It's
> the
> damnable keyboard shortcuts. Love the idea, hate what happens when I
> mistakenly hit Control-D instead of Cap-D and my entire fucking
> carefully-crafted two page letter vanishes two lines before I was
> about to
> queue it. Control-Z doesn't bring it back.
> So: anyone know how to disable the shortcuts? (Yes, I've looked at
> the Help
> menu and FAQs and like that - no luck so far.)
> Thanks, Damien

Here's a simple low-tech solution. Just use a pocket knife or other suitable tool to gently pry up on the control key, popping it up out of the keyboard. On some keyboards there are actually two small plastic moldings, nested one into the other, which make up the control key. It should be easy to do this without damaging anything. Take careful note of how the removable plastic key cap came out of its seat so you can later put it back in the same way, when you want to use the key. While the key cap is out, hitting its seat (the place on the keyboard) with your finger should not actuate the key's function. There will probably be a small spring sticking out. Leave it there, and don't lose it. If you like you can put some tape over the seat to keep the spring from getting lost, and to keep foreign objects from falling into the exposed seat.

Alternatively you could leave the key cap in place, and tape a small solid barrier in place covering the key, which would prevent the key from being accidently pressed.

Ron Kean


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