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Menno Rubingh wrote:

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> > I am currently reading and selecting books for a reading list. I would
> > like to include a book on critical thinking, seeing through logical
> > fallacies, separating emotion, sentiment and cliches out of arguments...
> Maybe 'The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark' by Carl Sagan
> fits into your query.

May I add:

[1] Wolf, A., "Textbook of Logic", l938, Allen & Unwin, London

     Comment: Although otherwise antiquated by an exclusive treatment
     of traditional Aristotelian Logic, this book contains one of the best
     summaries of those logical fallacies committed in conversational
     arguments and ordinary human discourse [Appendix J, p. 359ff].

[2] Curtis, C.P. & Greenslet, F., "The Practical Cogitator", l953, Cambridge, Boston

[3] Kosko, B., "Fuzzy Thinking", l993, Hyperion, New York

     Comment: This work does not critique "fuzzy thinking" but in fact
     advocates it.  Helps acquire perspective on the historical idols
     "The Law of Contradiction" and "The Law of the Excluded Middle".

[4] Search Engine: enter "Critical Thinking" for a compilation of online papers.

Comment: I recommend, for ease of use and effectiveness, "Google":



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