Re: "Evil Transhumanism" [PLEASE READ!]
Fri, 12 Nov 1999 12:55:23 EST

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<< I urge us to take the evil transhuman page with a cool sense of humor. god knows, *we* have slain a few sacred cows on *our* chat site, all while suppressing gleeful laughter. {8^D Lets cut em some slack. Actually, I detect some actual attempts at subtle humor in there. {8-] spike

Definitely Spike, he was not about to argue a case that he has no passion for defending. This guy could obviously care less. I completely caught the humor in the complete irony of the situation and he was playing it up too intending us to get a big laugh at it. I found his reply to be disarming and disengaging. I hope that it sparked his interest though and that he does attend the next Extro.