Lucifer rising?

David Bowman (
Fri, 12 Nov 1999 16:58:15 GMT

Hi, extropians!

I just thought that you as educators and scientists of the 21st century could be interested in my recently-opened and long-awaited explosively-controversial website:

into which I have put so much love, and so much effort to insure the accuracy of the facts. Also,

.. extensively with the very promising new energy technologies which
are at last emerging in fuel cells and other electrochemical techniques, and which could indeed instantly regenerate our choked dying biosphere and put an end to the fossil fuel age.

.. ..

However, I think.. .. that.. .. . I think that it is about time we stopped being mesmerized by the robotic and hedonistic messages from ``The Matrix``, woke up, and realized that this is just NOT the technologically-enhanced but humanly-directed world that, for example, Clarke and Kubrick envisioned for 2001. I think that we still have time, however, to make it by 2010 to where the film ``2010: Odyssey Two`` brightly and upliftingly assured us we could be; but for this to happen, we need to, in my view, stop looking at the beatifically-promised, lulling, ``peace-bringing`` New World Order as the solution, and realize that, despite what Clarke and the charming post-modern ecumenistic Russian fellow whose website handles Clarke books may think, the New World Order will NOT witness the ignition of Jupiter and the liberation of mankind from its blue oceanic cradle.

Indeed, both Navigators of our Future have, in my view, fallen for the Great Luciferian deception, and in their probable pride of being initiated into a Secret which is no more, they may have failed to realize that The New World Order is actually PART of Lucifer-Rising, and Lucifer wants to bring, not the peace and enlightenment it promises.. .. .., but the robotic and mechanized merging of any vestige of human individuality into an infernal collective Borg-Global-Brain.. .., and then The Black Sun for All Earth on December 21st 2012, The Zero Barrier. If you think that what happened to some of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago was catastrophic wait for what will happen if we now allow the New World Order to go through.

But, don't worry, Jupiter CAN be ignited, and the Star Child knows how.. .. The Reptilian shadow is not going to win. Get us out of the atmosphere now. 12 years to critical mass.

My contact addresses are all on my website if anyone is further interested. I recently graduated in Physics from Cal Tech.



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