CryoFeasts 99! Annual Alcor Foundation Party

Natasha Vita-More (
Thu, 11 Nov 1999 18:53:58 -0800



The annual CryoFeast will be held in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and other locations (to be announced.) If you are an Alcor member and would like to co-host a CryoFeast in your location, we welcome your participation! Texas? Boston? Sweden? England?

CryoFeast Co-Host Locations:

Southern Calif. -- contact:, 310 306-3129 Northern Calif -- contact:, 408-782-2942 or Carl Shaw at (Party starts at 4:00 p.m. at Judy and Mark Muhlestein's home.)

**LA CryoFeast '99: Saturday, December 18, 1999**

6:00 - until Party! Eat, drink and be merry Pot Luck dinner. Bring your favorite delicious dishes. And, for those of you who would rather expand your brain than your belly, we have books from some of our favorite authors.

While others may be a little behind the times in giving thanks for the harvest; we cryonicsts are giving thanks for the technologies that may help us to live healthfully and indefinitely.

The annual CryoFeast is an Alcor Foundation tradition bringing together Alcor members and other life extension enthusiasts to celebrate our continued efforts and accomplishments in cryonics and life extension. As a CryoFeast, guests are asked to contribute to the Pot Luck dinner as well as any talents for making the party a fun-loving event.

For many years the CryoFeast was held at Dr. Timothy Leary's home in Beverly Hills. The past two years, we gave the theme a spin and decided that having co-hosted CryoFeasts in varied locations would enable people to get together all over the World. There have been a number of artistic events occuring in and around the CryoFeasats. The Boston location co-hosted by Tony Reno and Roderick Carder-Russell has been creative in designing their own style of party, and Silicon Valley's parties at Niki Freeman's home and also co-hosts Dave Krieger and Geoff Dale, among others. In 1997, we had six different CryoFeast locations around the World.

This year, as tradition, I will present an Virtual Operning Reception: "The Aesthetics of Memetic Evolution 3" which will be up at on **Friday, December 17, 1999.**

For more information about the Annual Co-Hosted CryoFeasts 1999: contact me at or 310-306-3129. For moreinformation about Alcor Foundation and cryonics, please visit Alcor's Web site: or for more information about cryonics