Re: "Evil Transhumanism" [PLEASE READ!]

Chris Fedeli (
Thu, 11 Nov 1999 19:37:44 -0500

Robert J. Bradbury wrote:
> Well, I got a response from one of the authors of the
> "Evil Transhumanism" page...

For the most part, none of us really know anything
> > about transhumanism, cryonics, etc., and the only reason that we argued
> > against it is because we thought that that would be easier.
> > ... it's just a lot of BS and it doesn't even reflect
> > my or the other group members feelings towards the subject. ...

Thank you, Robert, for exposing these young intellects for the monsters that they are! :-)

That was my impression on reading it - college kids just trying to make a grade. In english and rhetoric courses like this one, writing an earnest-sounding polemical attack is the easiest way to get your 3 credits.