Re: "Evil Transhumanism" [PLEASE READ!]

Robert J. Bradbury (
Fri, 12 Nov 1999 03:41 EST

Well, I got a response from one of the authors of the "Evil Transhumanism" page...

> I was under the impression that this web page would not be found on the
> huge world wide
web. Well, I guess you would like to know how
> this page came about and where in the world we came up with our
> ideas. I joined a group of people in an English class my freshman year in
> college to build a web page as a final project. We could not decide what to
> build a web page about for a while, but we decided to do one about cryonics.
> Our teacher had us broaden the topic to transhumanism and in about two weeks
> we created this page. For the most part, none of us really know anything
> about transhumanism, cryonics, etc., and the only reason that we argued
> against it is because we thought that that would be easier.

> ... the only reason that it is still up is because I honestly don't know
> how to remove it. I truly hope that the things expressed in the page did
> not offend you because it's just a lot of BS and it doesn't even reflect
> my or the other group members feelings towards the subject. ...
> I will work on taking it down.

So, a lynch mob by the textropians (they still do those types of things down there I guess, don't they...) is probably not in order. I even invited the responsible party to make it to the next Extro conference.