Re: "Evil Transhumanism"

Robert J. Bradbury (
Thu, 11 Nov 1999 19:35 EST

Now, now, now, lets not get *too* excited by the rantings of a sophmore in college. I've backtracked the page and sent a message to the individual/group, I believe to be the author(s). I have pointed out that what they imply
(in terms of costs of transhumanist technologies) is unlikely
to be true -- *if* governments support the development of such technologies for their populations. If their predictions or concerns prevent that, then they may come true, not that it will make any difference.

Whenever you deal with claims like this, you should simply ask the question:
"Why should any "genetic enhancement" technology be any more expensive than a vaccine? [Or even worse "catching" a cold?!?]

Since vaccines are moderately inexpensive (and colds even cheaper), you have a very difficult position to justify if you claim everyone cannot have them.

Unless exclusive patent positions protect all the avenues of a specific enhancement it is unlikely to be "expensive". Even if those patents exist, it becomes public domain in a couple of decades (which in terms of lifespans of millennia is nothing).

When someone spouts unsubstantiated rhetoric, treat it as such. Do your research and respond accordingly. There is no need to kill them now, when we can torture them for 20 years until the patent laws expire and we can administer the generic transhumanist treatments... :-)