Clint O'Dell (
Wed, 10 Nov 1999 18:40:12 MST

Last night I was inspired to write out a ruff idea I had for a basic AI that should become self aware. Please look over what I wrote, comment, and point me to any sources of anyone you know who may already be doing this. Thanks

-Build a robot.
-Robot is equiped with sight, sound, and basic touch.
-The robot can focus its attention.
-The robot remembers every position and every sensation in varies
levels of memory based on the sensitivity settings of its varies parts.
-Sensations are stored in different types of memory, begining with
very short term memory. Memory is passed down to longer term memory based on how much of the sensations are recognized. As memory is passed down it is sorted and grouped with other sensations based on time recognition.
-Memory program doesn't store the same sensations in memory twice.
-Cognitive program constantly checks memory database for patterns and
catagorizes its findings in sections that may be linkied.
-Catagorizing breaks apart what the robot senses into meaningful
information, sorting by process of pattern recognition.
-Sensations are taken and processed as super high speeds so groups of
sounds like whole words such as "hello" aren't stored but only parts of the sounds.

-The robot can be programmed to be curious of and interact with its

-The robot should be able to learn language just as babies do, and
thus effectively communicate with humans.

-Because the robot remembers every position it's in and interacts with
itself, it will recognize itself and become self aware.

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