Gina Miller's future timeline...

john grigg (
Wed, 10 Nov 1999 14:07:44 PST

Hello everyone,

Lee March wrote:
>2004: Gina Miller gets married to multimillionaire industrialist.

Wow! I didn't realize we had psychics here on the list! I will take my own stab at it.

2004: Gina meets a handsome, virile and brilliant multimillionaire who is entranced by the possibilities of nanotech. They meet at a Foresight Institute conference and it is "love at first conversation!" The man does think Gina being beautiful is a big plus too!

2004: Later in the year they get married by none other then Eric Drexler, father of nanotech, who got special permission from city hall to do the honors.

2005: With Gina's encouragement the Foresight Institute suddenly has a very major influx of cash to keep it going in style.

2006: They have their first child, a girl, who is named Carla Drexler ____. :)

2007: They have a dog named Disassembler who is true to his name!

2008: They have twins, a boy and a girl, who are named Nano and Assembler. :)

2008: For some odd reason after this event Gina posts much less often to the extropian list.

2009: Gina celebrates her 40th birthday and still looks great!

2011: Carla starts school and the teacher wonders why all the pictures and playdough sculptures resemble nanoassemblers. She meets the mom at a pta meeting and realizes why.

2013: Nano and Assembler start school. The teacher asks them where they got their names. After a half-hour lecture on nanotech from the twins she wishes she hadn't! :)

2020: Before even the home nano-replicator comes out on the market Gina has one! She tells everyone on the extropian vr node how great it is!

2021: At this point all her kids have the habit of winning their school science fairs.

2022: Carla Drexler does her science fair project on working nanotech. There is a glitch and the nanobots destroy the school! But no one is hurt in the incident and she figures out how to rebuild the school so she wins the science fair. Carla gets high marks for demonstration.

2029: Gina celebrates 60th birthday and still looks great. She is touched as friends give her as presents various blueprints of things she can make in her home replicator. Gina says, "Ahh, thank you", as each gift pops out."

2029: Later in the year Gina and her husband fly in their aerospace plane to the University of California campus on the moon. The twins are graduating and she is a proud mama!

2035: The singularity hits!! World in chaos as A.I.'s flex their muscles and demand equal rights with humans. Many old-time extropians say this cannot be happening. World President Eli Yudkowsky and secretary of state Max More broker a peace. The world is saved!

2035: Later in the year in the midst of a "transformed in ways we cannot conceive of world", Gina uses her position on the United Nations nanotechnology board to put an end to hunger and lack of adequate shelter.

Then to celebrate this Gina takes nano therapy from Dr. Frietas, the family general practitioner. In no time at all she looks thirty again!

2039: Looking better then ever, Gina celebrates her seventieth birthday. She is surrounded by old friends from the Foresight Institute, the Extropians and other groups dating back to her youth.

Her husband and kids and now even grandkids are present. This is a truly great day. I even come to visit while riding on the back of my flying moosegasus.

Best Regards,

John Grigg :)

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