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Spike, with a giggle still pending in my gut, I tell you that the NSG email addy is:
And then there is my nano list at:
You may want to visit the Nanotechnology Timeline site by Sean Morgan. You may also want to mention the most recent advances or news on the nanoscale. For example:
*Nadrian Seemans nanorobitic arm built from synthetic dna:
*On July 7, 1999, the American Institute of Physics Bulletin of Science
Policy News reported that "one area of research that is beginning to come in for special interest from the White House and Congress is nanotechnology.
*Rick Smalley testified at a Senate hearing on nanotechnology (PDF)
*For the first time, researchers have designed from scratch a working,
chemically powered, molecular motor.September 8, 1999
*Hewlett Packard presents their nanolab and with UCLA collaboration the
self-assembled molecular logic gate (Teramac computer) that has been hailed on the Web as a major advance in nanotechnology.
*Viola Vogel, associate professor of bioengineering at the University of
Washington, uncovered the molecular switch operation while investigating fibronectin, a molecule that plays a role in the cell binding functions of living proteins. You can go to Foresights news page for more at: Or to mine of course: You may want to look at some of these and summerize them into your timeline for your group. I suggest you give them a little of your personal evaluations as well.
Gina "Nanogirl" Miller

Spike said:

Extropians! Please help: Ive been asked to give a talk on short notice, (as in tomorrow evening) to an engineering society to which I belong.
I decided to talk on nanotechnology. The pitch is ready except for a nanotech timeline.
What should I put in there?

1959:   Feynmans talk Plenty of Room at the Bottom
1969:  Gina Miller is born
1986:  Engines of Creation by Drexler
1992:  Nanotechnology by Drexler

Nov 1999: Nanomedicine by Freitas
etc. What are the most important milestones? Thanks! I do appreciate the help. I have a copies of Nanotech, Engines and Nanomedicine at home. Perhaps they have timelines in there. I would forward this on to the nanotech group but dont know the address, and im at work.. spike