Re: nanotech timeline

Anders Sandberg (
09 Nov 1999 20:17:54 +0100

"Jones, Spike" <> writes:

> a nanotech timeline.
> What should I put in there?
> 1959: Feynmans talk Plenty of Room at the Bottom
> 1969: Gina Miller is born
> 1986: Engines of Creation by Drexler
> 1992: Nanotechnology by Drexler
> Nov 1999: Nanomedicine by Freitas
> etc. What are the most important milestones?

Maybe the invention of the STM, and the famous IBM-logo of xenon atoms. The first re-engineering of a bacterial protein to do something useful. The first self-replicating chemical.

I don't have the years for those, though.

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