nanotech timeline

Jones, Spike (
Mon, 08 Nov 1999 17:03:35 -0800

Extropians! Please help: Ive been asked to give a talk on short notice, (as in tomorrow evening) to an engineering society to which I belong.

I decided to talk on nanotechnology. The pitch is ready except for a nanotech timeline.

What should I put in there?

  1. Feynmans talk Plenty of Room at the Bottom
  2. Gina Miller is born
  3. Engines of Creation by Drexler
  4. Nanotechnology by Drexler Nov 1999: Nanomedicine by Freitas

etc. What are the most important milestones?

Thanks! I do appreciate the help. I have a copies of Nanotech, Engines and Nanomedicine at home. Perhaps they have timelines in there. I would forward this on to the nanotech group but dont know the address, and im at work.. spike