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Thanx Greg,
I am aware of the location of these groups, but do they hold conferences for the public? Perhaps Rice does for it's students that is also open to the mainstream? But I am not so sure about the others. Gina "Nanogirl" Miller

>There are two highly visible centers of significant activity relating to
>nanotech in Texas so far - at least based on my research and communication
>I've had with folks here and at Foresight on the Left Coast. The first I
>would list is, of course, Zyvex, in Richardson, Texas (just northeast of
>The big news at Zyvex is Ralph Merkle's new association with the company.
>I'll be seeing Ralph up at Zyvex next weekend.
>The other visibly active center is at Rice University's Center for
>Science and Technology in Houston, where Nobel laureate Richard Smalley
>(Isn't there always some basic rivalry between Dallas and Houston?)
>Finally, there seems to be SOME kind of activity down at JSC (just south of
>Houston). There's a company that's hung out a cyber-shingle there called
>"Nanotechnology Development Company":
>and a discussion group in the Clear Lake area (whose web site I can't seem
>find this morning). However, after some publicity about "NDC" last year,
>I've seen no activity out of them and didn't get a response to an e-mail I
>sent to the Clear Lake group in the Spring. It seems the real center of
>NASA's interest and activity in nanotech is at Ames in Palo Alto.
>Hope this helps.
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>> I've had a inquiry by someone who has a interest in attending nanotech
>> conferences in Texas. Although he doesn't know where any are. I've
>> my calendar site, but saw nothing relevant. I thought perhaps someone on
>> list could help me. Thank you,