greetings and a brief note
Mon, 08 Nov 1999 11:29:31 -0500

I am posting this express my thoughts regarding a potential misunderstanding on my intentions within transhumanism:

At the core of my ethical schema lies one core principle--I do not place myself above anyone else and I do not place myself below anyone else. My perspective has always been that we are co-collaborators in developing a relatively new area of thought. To the extent that Max, Natasha, and others have developed it, yes, they deserve respect for that. They have mine, and always will, regardless of personal issues.

I cannot understand how any of my contributions, past or current, diminishes that. Any contribution made by any one transhumanist moves all of us forward as a whole. To the extent that anyone has interpreted my involvement as trying to assert or usurp a place in a heirarchy--that is an interpretation made through a filter that I do not happen to subscribe to. And I have been negligent in getting up the website to list off my credentials, because I hadn't understood that people attached some importance to that.

Yes, I am passionate, tough-minded, questioning--please match your own strengths to those qualities and use them! We hold the beginnings of a distributed intelligence network, one that is currently expanding and developing new nodes. Perhaps in time, historians will come to look upon that as our most important contribution.

Kathryn Aegis