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> THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE (November 6, 1999)
> Archaeologist Draws Fire for Doubting Biblical Accounts
> JERUSALEM -- An Israeli archaeologist is
> drawing fire for claiming that the biblical
> history of the Jewish people is probably fiction.
> In an article last week in Ha'aretz newspaper,
> Ze'ev Herzog, a professor at Tel Aviv University
> argued that the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt
> probably never happened, the Ten Commandments were
> not given on Mount Sinai, and Joshua never conquered
> the land of Israel. Herzog said that if there was a
> King David, he probably was no more than a tribal
> chieftain. The same holds for King Solomon, Herzog said.
Herzog's an interesting guy, as he's kinda 'out there' as an archeologist, non-conventional. He should be read, and then compared to other current Biblical archeologists for a full taste. Archeology is full of surprises and it frequently takes years for the dust of centuries to settle, so we can see who's line of evidence is strongest. Sounds like fun.