Rob Harris (
Mon, 8 Nov 1999 12:32:24 -0000

>To be honest, I feel that the atheists who get pissed-off, under these
>generally, friendly circumstances of email exchanges, must feel challenged
>anyone who is not an atheist. I cannot imagine why, if this is true? If
>am foolish enough to believe in God and you don't; how does that adversely
>effect you?

I'm sure the precise source of the hostility for each individual is similar, but not identical to my feelings on the matter. See, growing up as a wee fresh new human, we gaze up at these "grown-ups" with awe - completely confident that they know everything about everything, and you will inherit this knowledge when you "mature/grow up". Later, when you find out that in fact, given the time that humans have been around, they've done pretty much jack, except devise various ways of making a few persons comfortable at the expense of the many, and that they also know precisely squat about the universe, existence and everything. And instead of trying to find these answers, the vast, vast majority just "believe" in some moronic fairy tale to dull their nagging curiosity/fear. Not only that, but you find out that as a child, you were in many ways superior to the exhalted grown-ups, who are really no different save some limited experience, and much less freedom in terms of motivation - (must have sex, must acquire resources, must further my social status blah blah...).
Basically, it turns out that humans are lizard GTI, and that virtually nobody has any interest whatsoever in matters beside those directly applicable to the animal. I have become what they claimed to be - and now I find myself alone. From this perspective, try and imagine how grating the zealous rant of the religious really is, when they have the potential for so much more.