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For illustrative purposes, I'm writing this e-mail using my voice as well. I'm using Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 4.0. I've gone through the general training session and one additional trading session and have used it for additional day or so. Overall, I'm extremely impressed with its performance. One thing I've noticed, however, is that it does a great deal better job at recognizing what you say if you speak all of the punctuation. Another important details at the software use a great deal of memory -- about 90 megs for this process alone. One of the nicest features, is achieving use the program to navigate your entire computer. I can surf the Web with it, write e-mails, switch from program to program, even use a special mouse navigating agent called MouseGrid in order to click the mouse anywhere on the screen.

I have however noticed exactly the same thing as you; i.e., that my vocabulary decreases the great deal using the dictation software.

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This is another test of the voice recognition software. This message is generated

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This exercise has been most insightful. With my own modest typing skills, I have always assumed that my brain was waiting for my fingers. However even with my modest skills of about 80 words per minute it appears that might fingers were still waiting for my brain theory and.

If you see theory had horror. And that means the top at the end of the sentence. Please forgive.

I have come to realize that the typed word uses a richer vocabulary that the spoken word here yet. Also the sentences are less likely to end with absurd Miss Such as here yet.

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The odd arrangement of keys on the tube w e r t white keyboard may have contributed to the richness of the body of English literature carry it.

What do you extra pins think? Spike