Re: The Unfathomable Virtuous Tangerine
Sun, 7 Nov 1999 22:57:51 EST

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> I certainly apologize if you experienced my post as a demeaning and

> disrespectful reference to your belief-system,
> Bob
Oh Hell no, I am merely arguing against the mentality the Mr. Burch finds so disheartening. I also persist in being a pain in the gluteus because it seems that people who object to religion do so exclusively, from a Christian perspective. Yes sheol was a burning trash heap of ancient times, but it may have been the location of early Caannite and Hebrew sacrifices-bad vibrations. The Hell of the Christian is purportedly eternal, which tells one about their view of <God>, and the necessity to conform to their edicts (historically speaking) so where am I on this? The purpose of nuking people eternally in some permanent convention oven is a bout as sensible as biting on a ball of aluminum foil. I hope that Extropianism or TransHumanism doesn't devolve to being mono-cultural