Re: The Unfathomable Virtuous Tangerine
Sun, 7 Nov 1999 22:32:59 EST

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> Okay, once again we have the idea that *I* hate, and which I am going to

> keep on objecting to, to wit, what you "want" to happen doesn't have the
> vaguest influence on that kind of large-scale pre-human reality. If the
> Reality is large enough, then you're going to get every possible
> configuration of 10^80 atoms in 10^11 lightyears at least once. And
> y'know, I think the Reality is that large.
Yeah, this is like the research done by such Smolin, Linde, and Witten, also Max Tegmark. Now as far as such atoms forming a future plasma eventuating in a Uber Mind; that would be Tipler and Dave Deutsch's specialty. None of these scientists I have mentioned have suggested the eternal return. So Herr Neitzsch's eternal return doesn't cut it for me. Or to quote Andrew Kurzweil, "whatever the physical law happens to be, it crumbles in the face of intelligence". However, the realm of philosophy is like a smorgasboard; take your pick.