Re: speech recognition software... {8^D

Damien Broderick (
Mon, 08 Nov 1999 13:33:43 +0000

At 12:39 PM 7/11/99 -0800, Spike spoke:
>I just got one of these new speech recognition products.

>It is the cheapest version. $30.00 including headset and microphone
>Darien. The biggest problem is in recognizing the word..

>This message was generated without touching a keyboard
>Darien Darien. Dot damnit!

>It keeps thinking I'm saying Darien or area or myriad.

Actually, this product was generated by an advanced experimental system in Melbourne, Australia, by scanning my brain as I used a standard word processor. Unfortunately, some of my core identity was accidently transferred Darien in a kine of rudimentary help me help upload. We're trying to erase it without Darien completely destroying the minimal AI. As you can see, I'm dictating this email using the name system. Damn cheap for just thirsty bucks.

Darien Broderick