Re: The Unfathomable Virtuous Tangerine
Sun, 7 Nov 1999 04:10:09 EST

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> Unfortunately, this entire page is now beginning to exude

> Nietzsche's "odor of sanctity"; it is caustic and putrid at
> once -- a chthonic smell of the subterranean deliquescence
> of something still partly alive. Unbearable -- why must
> people talk about things like this? I must dispatch the
> letter at once!

Yes there are many screwy notions that have made religion suck the big one. Notice though what you despise, 8 of the 9 religious paths listed are, at least, quasi-Christian. The Way, Moonies, Church of Mormons... You did list Orthodox Hindu's..I wonder what non-Orthodox Hindu's believe in? As far as Neitszche, who wants to be locked into an Eternal Return-I even hate television re-runs, let alone the universe doing exactly the same thing with the same people. Poor Neitch died of tertiarry syphallus and ended up speaking to horses along the way. For some reason the nazis liked him too. Go figure.