Re: The Unfathomable
Sun, 7 Nov 1999 01:37:02 EST

George, I whole heartedly endorse your disconcertion, with the pervasive attitude regarding the sometimes, oppressive, mean-spirited, behavior of the Christian Fundamentalist Churches that have historically pervaded in the Southern Continental US since pre-Civil War days. I am a target of their dislike also, but curiously enough, believe in God; just not their god.

On this mailing list I am concerned, conversely, that a lot of the atheism is passionate, but not serious. That it somehow is simply WASP culture with their Jesus excised out. But that WASP culture survives (opinions, attitudes and beliefs) even though their view of God has been deposed. The analogy would be like going to a Thai restaurant and dousing everything with mayonnaise.

Yours in Mother Shabooboo, Spud