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Robert Owen (rowen@technologist.com)
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Posted to <seti@sni.net courtest Dr. H. Paul Shuch. [RMO]

AllenTough@aol.com wrote:

> I hope Bob, Richard, or Paul will post this to the list:
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> Yvan Dutil said:
> >>
> >>>My opinion is this is only A drop in the ocean, Allen Tough think is it THE
> >>>drop.
> >>
> Paul Shuch said:
> >>No, I don't think Allen really believes that at all (how about let's ask
> >him?) It is my understanding that Allen believes this to be the one drop
> >that he is able to contribute. Others of us contribute other drops. If
> >enough drops are contributed to the SETI enterprise, we'll end up with a
> >real ocean, and *somebody* is likely to succeed, some day.
> Allen Tough responds:
> Paul is quite correct. The whole point of my "Array of Search
> Strategies" paper was to encourage six different strategies, ranging from
> radio/optical seti to searching for physical traces of a probe. My own
> strategy is to bring together 60 SETI/Contact people to issue an
> invitation to ETI on the web, but I am glad other people pursue other
> strategies. The paper was presented at the SETI session in Amsterdam
> last month, and can be read at
> http://members.aol.com/AllenTough/strategies.html.
> Allen
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