Re: The Unfathomable

Steve C. Dotson (
Thu, 04 Nov 1999 19:29:05 -0800


On Thu, 4 Nov 1999 07:05:57    M. E. Smith wrote:

>--- "Steve C. Dotson" <> wrote:
>> Apparently you are oblivious to what religion has
>> been telling people for millenia: you are a sinner,
>> you are nothing compared to the glory of the Lord
>> and etc.
>But then later in the same post Steve wrote:
>> For example, last
>> week you insinuated that extropians are
>> anti-religious because they are ignorant of other
>> traditions and belief systems. A few posts,
>> including mine, demonstrated that this is incorrect.
>The first sentence reveals an ignorance about religion
>which you later deny. Not all religions teach that
>"you are a sinner."
>I guess the angry atheist faction on this list will
>never change. Bad news for Extropy.
This is tiresome. Baiting me, quoting me out of context. I don't think you have read all of my posts. Calling me names. This is so unproductive. If you have a point please make it. Otherwise, I am through responding to these "Nah, Nah" types of posts. Steve HotBot - Search smarter.