Re: what would it take for a "bachelors in extropian studies?"

Dan Fabulich (
Thu, 4 Nov 1999 03:07:05 -0500 (EST)

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> I was wondering as seen in the form of degree requirements, what classes
> would a person have to take to get a "bachelors in extropian studies?"
> Would engineering be the foundation of this degree? How much philosophy,
> history, poly sci and sociology would be needed? And what about the
> biological sciences? A fine arts requirement possibly?
> I look forward to getting some detailed posts on this question.

I'm presently an undergraduate at Yale... I started out as a biomedical engineering major, but these days I'm considering biomedical engineering + philosophy.

Even if I COULD major in "extropian studies," I probably wouldn't. IMO, extropy is just too interdisciplinary to realistically major in it. Any attempt to do so would probably lead to knowing not enough about too many different subjects. If I could, I'd be BiomedE, philosophy, computer science, physics, math, music, psychology, literature... not necessarily in that order.


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