Re: The Unfathomable
Thu, 4 Nov 1999 01:18:25 EST

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> Apparently you are oblivious to what religion has been telling people for
> millenia: you are a sinner, you are nothing compared to the glory of the
> and etc

That religion is Christianity that best describes that, not the one I was raised in.

>For example, last week you insinuated that extropians are anti-religious
because >they are ignorant of other traditions and belief systems. A few posts, including >mine, demonstrated that this is incorrect.

I beg to differ on this claimmed achievement, since I have seen in many posting here a generalized conception that Christianity is and has been the only path. For evidence of that please see my first quote of yours:

"Apparently you are oblivious to what religion has been telling people for millenia: you are a sinner," --that has been a central principle of Christianity, and is the sole inventor of 'original sin;-which is what you are refering to, whether you realize it or not.

Give me an example of a spiritual problem. I am thinking that "spirtual problems" are at their root material problems. (Often involving common things such as deficts or excesses of neurotransmitters or a dearth of zeros in one's bank accounts.)

Fair enough, since you've opened up the barn door on this one, let me release the livestock. Sprititual problem: I miss Dear Grandpa Waldo; he passed away many years ago. Unfortunately, Alcor wasn't in business at the time to preseve his biology. So Uncle Waldo is dead and gone-forever. Now if you have a solution for death(a physiological & spiritual problem); you may now present your answer.

If you disagree with my premise, that there is a 'problem' i.e. Uncle Waldo being gone from my life; that may be logical, but it certainly doesn't address the issue-for me and for many people who have loved ones perish. Perhaps a virtual Uncle Waldo may suffice, but then more questions are raised.