Re: The Unfathomable
Thu, 4 Nov 1999 01:25:15 EST

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> > I don't understand what is wrong about saying that we are all sinners??

> A little thing called a guilt trip perhaps? And look at what has been
> accomplished by those who would push their version of expiatiion off on
> rest of us. We could start with earliest Babylon, work thru the Spanish
> Inquisition.....take a side trip thru Aztec Sacrifices......
> All in the name of telling us we are all sinners.....that's what's wrong..
> EvMick
> STILL in Ontario Calif.
Yah the "all sinners" concept is a bad concept. It seems to be almost exclusively a Church concept, as in Council of Nicea 315, and 325CE. The Aztecs didn't care whether one was a 'sinner' as it was a 'glory' to be sacrificed to the Great Black Jaguar in the Sky-no sin involved. They also murdered captured prisoners from smaller tribes, and cut out their hearts regardless of moral status.