Re: The Unfathomable
Wed, 3 Nov 1999 14:01:55 EST

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> M. E. Smith wrote:
> > --- Jonathan Reeves <>
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> > > "infinity" may be useful - "God" is not
> >
> > If "God" wasn't useful, people wouldn't use it.
> I guess we can say the same for war, child abuse, rape, torture, drugs,
> genocide, and devil worship. If they weren't useful people wouldn't use
> them. That doesn't make them a good thing just because idiots use them.
> Get a clue, the God concept is the most distructive concept ever
> unleased on man by man.
> Lee

If Extropianism or TransHumanism's basic tenant is merely atheism and an obsession with concepts of the deep future, I guess that it will have a self-limiting impact. Perhaps I am under-valuing its cultural significance; I know that Mr. Bard appeared on a prominent daytime chat show in Sweden (Bard identifies himself as a Zoroastrian). Playing Devil's Advocate I could say that the emphasis on material solutions to spiritual problems will never be solved by this World-View, that reduces humanity to nothing more then a mobile central nerbous system..and so forth.

If you were in a playful mood you can then reply that 'material problems will never be solved by spiritual solutions.." My concern is that Extropianism will never play in Peoria, as we say in the States, and thats where the money is. You do like money, don't you?