Re: SETI sci.astro.seti newsgroup created
Wed, 3 Nov 1999 13:35:13 EST

One thing I always find baffleing are the miracles of Fatima and Garibondal (Not sure of spelling on that one) or some of the well documented miracles, some of them I have been able to explain to my personal satisfactory but Fatima I can see being a UFO hoax. It was a cloudy day raining and then when the clouds disappear the "sun" danced and pulsated. We know that that would be impossible because if the sun did anything like that there is no way we would be here today. An SI craft could easily pull this off but to jump to that conclusion would not be kosher. In Garibondal Spain the girls who saw the Arch angel Micheal had a sketch made and he looked a lot like a "Gray" with a silly wig on. I find it amusing to entertain these ideas and I love to run them through my head but to take them too seriously or offer them as serious theories would be feckless. Eric