RE: "Web-mediated SETI": Robert Bradbury Replies

Billy Brown (
Wed, 3 Nov 1999 12:23:04 -0600

Robert J. Bradbury wrote:
> Hal, what a great idea!! So the SIs can run the experiment untroubled
> by the moral implications that allowing information to decay into
> dust violates the commonly accepted standards of "Mind Ethics".

Except that this only works if we are literally a simulation. If we are living in the real world then even advanced nanotechnology won't enable them to do this undetected - you need too much hardware in everyone's brains, and in the surrounding environment, to be able to escape detection even by a primitive race like us.

Of course, I suppose they could be controlling our minds to prevent us from noticing the intervention, but that approach leads to untestable (and therefore pointless) theories.

Billy Brown, MCSE+I